February 9, 2020

We will be experiencing a full moon in the constellation Leo this Sunday, February 9, 2020. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun, reminding us to connect with our inner Agni(fire) and stand in our power. Allow these energies to fuel you, moving with courage and passion. The full moon makes a harmonious alignment with Mars, asking us to take initiative and be assertive. You know intuitively what you want and how to get it. Stand up for yourself with honesty and a positive attitude and there’s no stopping you. The full moon is opposed by Neptune creating increased emotional sensitivity. Embrace these emotions without room for confusion finding balance within yourself. Focus on feeling gratitude and love, trusting in yourself, others and the divine forces that be.

With instincts and emotions at a climax, full moons are highly energetic, making it a great time to practice yoga.

My first and most important word of advice set an intention. Your intention can be anything you want. This will help you focus and remain motivated in your practice.

Begin and/or end with a silent meditation. Seated in sukhasana (easy) keeping the spine long and straight, try bringing your hands into surya mudra.

Surya mudra is achieved by folding the ring finger over the palm, applying pressure at the base of the thumb. Rest the thumb gently on the knuckle of the ring finger. Keep the middle, pointer, and pinky fingers extended as seen above. This mudra represents energy the body gains through sunlight.

Think of nothing. When thoughts arise -and they will- bring your awareness back to your intention or to your breath. Silent meditation is an excellent way to wipe the slate and just be. Notice your surroundings without attachment, simply experiencing.

Simhasana(lion) is a two for one, asana and pranayama! It’s a little different and may look/feel silly at first but I suggest giving it your best effort. Have fun with it, no one ever said yoga has to be a stern practice..

Begin seated in vajrasana, spine straight and long with your palms resting on your knees. Take a few full,deep breaths here, exhaling fully. Inhale deeply. Slowly apply pressure to the knees, leading with the chest, lift up. Stick your tongue out, curling in toward the chin. Bring the gaze toward the third eye. Exhale out of your open mouth to make a “ha” sound.

This wonderful face exercise is anti aging and said to relieve stress and encourage independence. Simhasana has been referred to as the “destroyer of diseases” in ancient texts. It energizes the body and activates the three major bandhas.

Stand in tadasana(mountain) for a few breaths. Be strong in this power position, feeling your own energy burning like the sun.

Practice surya namaskaram(sun salutation) a few times. Take the first round super slow, pausing in each posture for many breaths. Gradually speed up every round a bit until you’re moving on each breath. When bowing to the sun, remember that this is designed to create a space within, where we sync our self with solar cycles.

If it’s in your practice, see how long you can hold sirsasana(headstand) Please don’t attempt if you haven’t before or without a teacher/spotter present. Alignment is always very important but especially in a posture like this. You definitely don’t want to fall or hurt yourself.

Followed by sasakasana(rabbit)

Rise from your hips slow and controlled, gently stretching the neck and spine.

Full moons are like the harvest, all the work has been put in and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Think on what you’ve brought into fruition since the new moon. Maybe you should give yourself more credit for all you do. Maybe some endeavors aren’t going as planned. Maybe there are things that you are ready to give up as they no longer serve you. Maybe it’s time to relax a little and not put so much pressure on yourself.

Full moons are a good time for any and all self care or spiritual practice. Bask in the energies of this lunar event and above all else, be true to yourself.


Although it is a divine spiritual practice for many, yoga can be intimidating without an instructor. If you’re new to yoga or you just don’t feel comfortable practicing alone, come catch a class at transcend! we offer a variety of classes 7 days a week.