"My first experience engaging in float therapy and it was emotionally liberating. As I began my descent into the water I felt my body levitate above the water and float. I remember watching a movie called "A little bit of heaven". One of the characters had die and was revived. He was asked how dying felt, he said it felt like floating. Floating there I didn't feel dead but I felt more at peace then I have in a long time. I heard my heart rate decrease, my body was at ease, my mind shifted with clarity, and I started reminiscing on the moments in life that made happy. Staff was educated and polite. They have showers for before and after. Water is perfect temperature. Do not shave or do this if you have any cuts. It did sting a bit in the beginning. There is a lot of salt. The experience was one I will never forget."
-Fernando Balo
"Super cute studio near downtown! The yoga space itself is very small and parking was a challenge, but the business offers so many different services! Yoga, massages, facials, sauna, and float therapy. This studio also has some of the best rates for yoga memberships, drop-in rates, etc. I will certainly be coming back!"
-Meg Sween
"I’m from out of town and decided to try a yoga class at Transcend; it was a very positive experience! There’s a sort of rustic/industrial feel to the space which I found relaxing and they keep the room at a comfortable temperature (warm to loosen your muscles, but not so much as to be uncomfortable and stuffy). The staff and owners were great; very warm and welcoming. Also the drop in rate is only $10 which is just wow. Overall, this was a great experience at a very affordable price - try it out!"
-Jacquelyn Swaoger
"Went to float, and it was great. Staff was well informed, and very customer oriented. Definitely going back."
-Santos Hernandez
"At the top of my list of best yoga studios.  Tranquil space, lovely staff, knowledgeable and experienced instructors to guide you thru a variety of styles.  The float chambers also provide a great way to detox and relax.  Neighborhood gem!"
-Cynthia Gomez, Realtor
"I found out Transcend offered one hour float sessions and had to try it out.  The experience was incredible!  The staff was friendly and helpful and the facilities were clean as well.  I will definitely be coming back."
-j.m. von wood
"I like the sensory deprivation tanks. The yoga instructors are amazing and the owners throw great events!"
-Wendy Peters
"Transcend is the best holistic health spa in San Antonio with the BEST prices! This locally owned spa has everything from float tanks, sauna, massage, facials and yoga. Beautiful experience every time I step foot inside!"
-Amy Lynne
"Really enjoy coming here. Every time i walk thru those doors I get a smile and greeted by my name. Yesterday was my first float i called Celina and she had an open spot I was really sore and knees hurting. I walked out of there feeling pain free. I had to try it and it really did help. I also love their Yoga classes all the instructors are wonderful and will teach you alternative yoga poses if needed. Great place I can not stress how glad I am that I found this place. Thank guys"
-Maryjane Elizondo
"This is my second time going to Transcend! They are always so helpful! I travel with work 24-7 so I never know when I will be in town. Both times I have booked late minute and they have made sure I could get in!
My first time I went for a 90 minutes float and 90 minute massage which both were amazing and it was my first float. This time I went for the 60 minute yoga session, 30 minute sauna and 90 minute massage!
Everyone is truly amazing here!!!"
-Jessica Joe-Sims